Vertonen At Jennie Richie
Their Lunatic Fixed Stars

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A little late in the posting but just the same.........

A Special Treat for the 2nd Anniversary of the Nine Day Antler Society, as pleasantly presented by the Seven Gallery:

Vertonen At Jennie Richie
"Their Lunatic Fixed Stars"

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Mondo Anthem / C.I.P.

01- The Magical Bishop, Carried Down From The Lights As Arranged (Cocktail Surprises For Lovers With Progressive Fox-Trot House Music)

02- Succession Of Lights In The Darkness (The Magical Bishop, Carried Down From The Lights As Arranged)

03- The Magical Bishop, Carried Down From The Lights As Arranged (The Man With 100 Heads, 30 Drawings and 24 Water Colors)

04- Beetles And Cucumbers Across The Sky, Small Architecture Lit (The Magical Bishop, Carried Down From The Lights As Arranged)

Vertonen: Blake Edwards and Devices
At Jennie Richie: Happiness and Forever
Chicago / Seattle

Please Feel Free To Download This Special Release And Pass The Dutchie Pon The Left Hand Side.

This is a split label release between Crippled Intellect Productions and Mondo Anthem.

This release will be available very very soon on both Vertonen and At Jennie Richie's bandcamp sites, for free, of course.

Happy Birthday, NDAS!

Foolish Music for a Foolish Month

Thomas Carnacki Antler Submission Number 9

Two pieces this month, appropriate for April Fools. (Why limit it to one day -- make the entirety of April a Fool's Month, I say.) Both of these hail from the heady days of 2008: the first is a rehearsal recording for the second-ever Thomas Carnacki live performance, the end of which was a cover version of Evil Twin's "When Dying Is Saying That You Want To Leave", except rendered on bicycle wheel, ukelele, thimbles, hand drum, accordion, and trumpet. Those responsible for this butchery are a Burson, a Kaiser, a Sidorjak, an Allbee, a Waldron, and a Scharpen. Needless to say, we're all making fools of ourselves.

The second is a live recording of not a Thomas Carnacki performance, but the first (I believe?) Gregory Shchaarpgaenn duet performance, at the Temescal Art Center's Salon Lune. It's appropriate for the Month of Fools because, around five minutes in or so, I realized that I had horribly mis-applied the wiring of my set-up, and with several frantic and embarrassed glances over at my duet partner had to completely turn off my entire system, hurriedly re-wire my rig, and only then dive back into the fray. Not one my more suave live experiences. But possibly more enjoyable, since the percentage of Gregory Hagan is much higher than it might have been otherwise.

A little something different, that is, documenting a talk.  It's of photographer Leee Black Childers, and Holly "Walk on the Wild Side" Woodlawn:

On the encouragement of Mr. Wx. Rxxx, we (balkh) are tapping the percussion buttons a wee bit more.  One day, I too, will develop a sense o' rhythm:

Studio Experiment 040909

Unfinished song sketch (sequence of random samples). W.A., Buried Sun studio, Toronto, Sept. 9, 2004.

mending weighs for April

Hi folks,

On the mend following surgery last week… as a result, not a huge amount of new stuff jumping off the capstans and pinch rollers. I hope that in the meantime, you might enjoy these flavors? Fingers crucified!  

Take care,

Antler Three, Prong Six

irr. app. (ext.) : Last Sunrise On Hyperion

I'll be heading overseas for a NWW event in a couple of days, so I'm posting this a bit early...

This was the second half of a track I completely forgot I had started about a year ago; the first half will be turning up as one side of a forthcoming 7" on the Fourth Dimension label. This half used some of the same sources as 'Tuberpendicular' (but before that album was made) so I felt it better used as an NDAS submission than on an official release.