Greetings from the Northeast Quadrant,

Back home, as the photo will reveal. It has been many days without even a peep from these noisy fingers. My apologies. Internet connectivity has been elusive during my travels. Nevertheless, here are some of my findings from other lands.


Antler Three, Prong Thirteen (#63)

irr. app. (ext.)Versifole Spectrograffe Marzipan Antler #2

Part two, more than two years later. Part three is planned for 2115. Naïve atmospheric guitar and a day late courtesy of Tracey Waldron. Blue lobster courtesy of Steve Stapleton.

At Jennie Richie Presents:
Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage

In honor of our friend Cameron's 3rd Birthday this past week (end o' July), At Jennie Richie presents two short recordings of Mr. Funpants doing what he does best: having fun.

First up is a jam between Cam and his dad, wm.Rage (of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer), on Cam's "Wall Noise", a colorful percussion wall of pots, pipes, saw blades, a tire wrench, a spring, and random pieces of metal, etc, built by Cam's old man in their backyard.

Then a quick and rough version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, performed as Solo Voice & Drums.

Cameron's CD, entitled "Let's Play!", is available here:
Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage "Let's Play!"
Cameron plays the drums and sings a little bit, collaborating with AJR & Eriijk Rêssler, irr. app. (ext.), Alvarius B, Geoff Walker, Mason Jones, and more good folks. Good fun.
All CD sales include a Hand-printed card of thanks from Cam.

You can also check out his bandcamp page here: !!!! to purchase the audio in however digital form you would like.


"Bloodsucking ghouls! The Death of England!"

Thomas Carnacki Antler Submission Number 13

Another installment drawing from a theatrical excursion -- in this case, some of the original score I did for the play "Dracula Inquest", a sequel of sorts to the Stoker novel.

Four items in this little package: the theme for the (never on-stage) Count; the revelation tone for the discovery that one of the characters has just slashed his wrists and hung himself (leaving behind the phrase "God forgive me" smeared in his own blood on the wall); a theme for Renfield (which ultimately did not get used in the production); and a tone for a sad world, full of miseries and woes.


Still suckin' in the smog & dull heat.  We've got the open-jaws,  'just waiting for the connections to become available.  Departures...  We'll be waiting in the bar.


Vocal Loops Mix

More odds and sods from the Recordist archives. This morning I dug out a disk from 2002 which contained a bunch of looped vocal sounds. Threw them into Audacity and did a quick and dirty mix. Voila, instant art! (he says, with a hint of sarcasm)


just balkh.


exhibit A:

excerpt B:

accept C:

Howdy one and all. It's been a slow spring -- dodging snow pellets, hugging daffodils, and listening for lonely peepers in the woods. Also 'been doing a bit of cleaning & restructuring, and so here are some of the results: the crunch of glue-transfer LPs, b'zap of homemade pickups, and musique concrete via cassette loops.